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1. Two Personages (stream full track)
2. Autumn Rhythm (stream clip)
3. Blue Circle (stream clip) view lyrics
4. Expectation (stream clip)
5. Puzzle In Color (stream clip)
6. Untitled Graffiti (stream full track)
7. The Swallows Tail (stream clip)

artwork by KILIMANJARO
Produced by KILIMANJARO and Owen Murphy
Engineered by Owen Murphy
Additional Engineering by Jeremy Aquilino
Mastered by Kyle Lampert

Recorded by Owen Murphy in Massapequa and Brooklyn, New York

Guitars by Saen Fitzgerald. Drums by Cliff Sarcona. Bass Guitars by Julio Tavarez.
Trumpet, Rhodes and other Keys by Duncan Tootill. Additional Guitars by Julio Tavarez.
Spoken Words by Chris Simonds. Dilruba, Tanpura, Sitar, Shruti Box, Arp Odyssey
and additional vocals by Jackson Shelton.

More Info
This EP was created from a 3 hour, improv driven recording session that took place on June 14th 2010. For the most part, the original structure of each piece was kept intact and then cut together to form EP Two. Some parts were overdubbed - and for the first time, we brought in long time friend and lyricist Chris Simonds on "Blue Circle". In addition, the incredibly talented Jackson Shelton was called upon to perform several far eastern instruments on "Expectation".

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